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  • Is there a charge for diagnosing a malfunctioning firearm or having a gunsmith take a look at my firearm?

Yes. There is a $35 fee for disassembling the firearm and determining the reason for the malfunction.  Should you decide to have the firearm repaired, there is no diagnosing fee.

  • Is test firing included in the cost of labor?

No but the gunsmith can test fire the firearm if they deem it necessary or if the customer requests it. The cost is $10 plus ammuntion.

  • What is the typical turnaround time for gunsmithing?

While most tasks can be completed in 2-3 weeks, turnaround time can vary depending on demand, the level of work required, and availability of parts.  Demand depends largely on the season.  For example, around Christmas tends to be our busiest time and gunsmithing will likely have a longer wait during the months of December and January.  We always communicate issues quickly and provide notification of delays as they arise to the customer.

  • Can I make my firearm a priority to decrease repair time?

We can rush most jobs through the shop pending parts availability and current backlog.  Please contact us for more details.

  •  Does Black Wing work on all makes and models of firearms?

Black Wing works on all makes and models if parts are available for the firearm.  Many older makes and models do not have parts readily available.  The gunsmith may have to research the firearm to determine whether or not parts are available or if he is able to work on the firearm.  Please contact us prior to shipping your firearm or bringing it in if you doubt the availability of parts.

  • Does Black Wing do trigger work?

Yes we do.  We require a liability waiver before completing any trigger work.  We can do trigger upgrades on most firearms.  .22 caliber revolvers are not eligible for any trigger upgrades due to unreliable primer strikes.

  • Does Black Wing install sights?

Black Wing installs sights on most firearms though some models require more work than others (e.g. 1911 variants)

  • What is a “scope mount and bore sight?”

A scope mount consists of mounting optics or rings to manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring they are level and square. Bore sighting is a process of using a laser bore sight and adjusting the optic to match the bore.  We do not do ¼ MOA zeroing.

  • Can someone else pick up my firearm for me?

No, due to (BATFE) regulations the individual who drops off the firearm for service must be the one to pick up the firearm and must show a valid state issued photo ID.

  • Do I need to fill out a 4473 form and do a background check to pick up my firearm?

No, 4473 or background check is required when picking up your firearm from gunsmithing.  You must show a valid state issued photo ID, however.

  • Does Black Wing do refinishing?

Black Wing does not do any refinishing itself but contracts refinishing out to a private company.  If you would like to have refinishing done to your firearm Black Wing can facilitate nearly any finish you desire.

  • What is the difference between the cleaning and inspection in the 1911 section and the cleaning and inspection in the striker section?

Cleaning and inspection covers a wide variety of firearms and includes a detailed cleaning of the firearm.  1911 inspections are very in depth as there are vital parts of the pistol that require inspection to ensure reliability and general function.  Every part in the pistol will be measured and inspected to make sure it will function correctly.  All lock up points on the barrel will be inspected including measuring the feed ramp and barrel throat.  Proper cuts and adjustments can be made if necessary.  Other cleaning and inspection services, like the one for striker fire pistols, do not go as in depth.  The striker inspection includes a detailed clean and all parts will thoroughly be looked over to ensure they are within specifications and function can be guaranteed.

  • What is the difference between “gunsmithing” and “armoring”?

Gunsmithing involves permanently modifying or customizing a firearm away from its original configuration while armoring involves repairing or reconfiguring a firearm by changing parts or adding parts.  And example of gunsmithing would be adding new sight cuts to a slide to fit new sights.  An example of armoring would be installing sights that fit the existing sight cuts on the slide.

  •  Does Black Wing provide other services not on the price list or website?

Black Wing may be able to provide a service that is not listed.  There are many options for modifying or servicing firearms so it is near impossible to list everything.  If you do not see a service that you wish to have done to your firearm then please contact our Gunsmithing department to see if Black Wing is capable of the service and for a quote.


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